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Telepathic Communication & Healing With Animals

Whether your animal is in spirit or still here with you I am able to telepathically receive and interpret information you would like to know. 

Understanding your animals perspective brings clarity to any situation that may have arisen.

I also work energetically on  the physical body. I address any mental, and/or emotional issues your animal may be having. 

I work telepathically from a distance, ensuring your animals comfort. 

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When It's Time For Me To Go

By Karen Nowak 19 Aug, 2015 Comments
This blog was written with the help of Satchmo and her human Karen Noel. For background history on their amazing journey click here.
By Karen Nowak 19 Aug, 2015 Comments

Scarlett experienced a severe neurological reaction to a major K9 brand of flea/tick product.

Developing sudden blindness a few months ago we contributed the seizure she was having to a possible tumor in her brain and spinal column. We even dug her grave.

I chose to listen to her, Scarlett, despite others telling me I was making her suffer. Scarlett told me she didn't know what was wrong with her and why she was so sick. One minute she wanted to die and the next she wanted to live.

I couldn't get her an appointment with my vet to euthanize her until the next day, possibly.

I decided to do some research.

The seizures started 2 days after the flea/tick product was applied .

I decided to bath her in Dawn dishwashing soap and give her the herb, milk thistle.

We visited the vet next day who told meI saved her life. this wonderful holistic veterinarian is holistic was very supportive of what I had done.

I would not have had the courage to listen to Scarlett above all family, including a Vet Tech stepdaughter. if it had not been for Karen and Nedda encouraging me to listen and feel what my animal is telling me I would not have trusted myself to try something else. I would not have put together the pieces of the time line and subsequent reaction to a major brand of K9 Flea and Tick product.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

One week later my dog is playful and acting like her old self.

Scarlett says thank you too.

"The Way Nature Intended Water to Be... My body loves it!"
-Karen Nowak
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