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The Elephant In the Horse Arena

By Karen Nowak 18 Nov, 2015
Two amazing mares led Annie and I to step into a new arena in life. I would like to think wisdom was the deciding factor and not age.

I am working my way to acceptance of what is true. I needed to search out what this time in my life and Annie's would bring us.

My wisdom thought this was a good idea, because there we stood. The reminder of one to many unscheduled dismounts guiding me to seek a safer and hopefully better way.

One that made sense to both Annie and I. Not just gimmicks and tricks that might or might not work in those clincher moments that invariably will arise in our future.
By Karen Nowak 11 Nov, 2015
I have ridden the same two horses for 30 years. Chris for 14 years and Brandy for twenty-three. Only riding other horse on rare occasions. And none with the level of trust I rode my girls.

Riding more horses would have given me more experience, but it didn't happen.

In July of 2015 I met Sun Spirit, now known as Annie. My third, and most likely final, riding horse. She is kind and gracious. And yes she is very much a horse.

Annie is also the one who led me to my first clinic experience. But more on that after a little background.
By Karen Nowak 09 Nov, 2015
The HOW is different for each one of us. But the the building blocks are the same for all.
By Karen Nowak 02 Nov, 2015
A new animal joins your family and the excitement is palpable in the air.

They may come with a name we like and we keep it. Or, they may come one with one we do not like and change it.

But how often do we involve this new member in the decision making?

Do we ask them if the name they presently have, is the one they would like to keep?

Some animals are fine with what we choose.

I live in rural Montana. Imagine my surprise one morning as I walk into my barn and a tuxedo cat greets me that I have never seen before. 

Out of my mouth comes “Good Morning Clementine”. The name stuck. In asking her if she liked it she was quite clear that we could call her what we liked. What was non negotiable was she was moving in.

For many animals the name we use is very important to them. It can change a relationship in the breath it takes to utter it.

In that moment it opens their heart to the knowing we care who they are, what they want, and what they like.

Clementine had no qualms about what we would come to mean to each other. She is very self assured and speaks her likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. She came to us already knowing she had choices.

Not all animals know they can speak to us. And most importantly, that we will listen.

It is not a one size fits all formula in naming our animal. 
By Karen Nowak 19 Oct, 2015

Making the most of the first few days of life with your new dog can avoid undesirable behavior in the future. The first and most important thing to remember is, you’re setting a precedent for future behavior from the moment your dog walks into your home.

To them you are the new pack. New litter-mates. Dogs quickly read how the pack is set up. You being the “leader of the pack” needs to be clear from the start. If you don’t take responsibility for your role in the relationship, a dog will take the opportunity for you.

Right now love and affection are important but leadership is crucial, no matter the breed of dog. Setting up positive dynamics from the start gives a dog a sense of security.

Pressure is taken off a traumatized dog when the human is the clear leader. If you feel bad for your dog, you are sending a message they don’t understand. They just sense something is wrong. Be understanding in your approach; give them the sense of order they thrive on.

By Karen Nowak 12 Oct, 2015
I asked Satchmo if she would share her perspective on a tough question.

Satchmo: This is a hard one to answer. It is so individual and changes in the moment. In order to answer your question I have to share other information. I will answer your question after that.
By Karen Nowak 05 Oct, 2015
What follows is a feline perspective  from a cat named Satchmo who is in spirit form. To read more from Satchmo go to Purr-ls of Wisdom.
By Karen Nowak 28 Sep, 2015
A question I have often been asked as a professional animal communicator is “Can my animal hear me now that they are in spirit?

 The answer is yes.

Whether an animal is in body or not they hear/feel you. Animals receive information through their entire being.

When in spirit they feel your love without the confines and confusion of the physical body. What is meant by that is the physical body adds another layer of density to the equation. Information may not be as clear as it is in spirit. When out of body your animal sees and feels you strictly through love.

Many humans have forgotten how to “hear” with more than their ears.

The vibration of the vocal chords is not the only means of communication. Nor is the vibration of the ear drum the only means to receive it.

Your animal receives and interprets information from the resonance/vibrations of your thoughts, emotions, intentions and words.

Many animals have learned to interpret the spoken word. As demonstrated by the dog with a 1000 word vocabulary . Yet their primary means is not the spoken word by a human. All animals interpret what they feel into information.
By Karen Nowak 21 Sep, 2015
The following blog comes from a continuing conversation with a cat, in spirit, named Satchmo. Along with her human, in body, Karen Noel. 
By Karen Nowak 14 Sep, 2015
In our conversation with Satchmo, a feline now in spirit, Karen Noel and I asked about grieving.

We wanted to know what Satchmo thought of it and what she might share to help humans understand it better.

Also if she had any comments on an individuals choices concerning grief.

Satchmo: I know this may make some humans mad to hear but it is a time of growth for everyone involved.

Go into your heart. I know. Easier said than done.

You know I don’t like to tell anyone what to do, it’s not my place.

Yet I feel compel to say finding your way to what is in your heart, even if painful, is a choice that holds many benefits. Many gifts that are opened over time.

There are other options. Every choice you make, every emotion you feel or don’t feel takes you down a different road. NONE are Right or Wrong.

I wish I could tell you do this, this, and this to make your personal time of grieving less painful. I can’t.

The Fear of Being Consumed By The Pain

You wanted to know about being consumed by the grieving. The fear of it being a slippery slope to more and more pain.

Fear prevents you from navigating through pain. The BELIEF that emotional pain can capture and not let you go sends you down a path of fear.

Trusting in the love you and your animal hold to guide you through the maze of pain is most definitely another possibility that will reveal great joy found in your life together.

There are no right or wrong choices. Merely choices that hold different opportunities for us, different experiences, different growth.

Our lives are irrevocably changed when someone close to us dies. Many raw edges exist. Your emotions take time to find new meaning around what now is.

Each grieving process is unique.

If I can suggest anything it is letting go of judging your unique process. And, love yourself.

I know from the spirit realm I feel great love and admiration for my human left on earth. My greatest wish is for Karen Noel to feel that kind of love for herself. As well as the expression of my love.

Karen and Karen: Satchmo did you grieve? If the answer is yes, how?

I grieved that I couldn’t rub up against Karen’s leg in the physical anymore. I grieved that I couldn’t experience her physical touch that I grew to understand and appreciate. I missed our little repartees.

Only in the physical do you get to experience the freedom of the heart through touch in the way that you do on earth.

I missed things, but in a good way. I felt joy, not sorrow.Double Calico

I went through my own personal process to feeling love and joy around all of the these things.Double Calico

I was blessed to find the unquestionable love I had been missing, when I came together with Karen Noel.

Next Week: More on grieving and Satchmo’s experience with it in spirit.

Karen Nowak: The word grieving holds years of associated feeling for mankind. I have been told by spirit the resonance the word holds can have slightly different meaning depending on the situation and/or the person experiencing it. The word itself holds the ability to guide us to access deeply held emotions.
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