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Animal Communication

Animal Communication
Karen Nowak is a modern day, 21st century, guide, and explorer

Here To Help You And Your Animals, Individually And Together, Through The Challenges And Complexities Of Rapidly Changing World We Are Living In
Animal Communication

My clients say

My clients say
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I highly recommend Karen!!! Where to start?  I already had 2 sessions with other Animal Communicators with very unsatisfactory results. What started as a free 15-minute trial, turned into a 90 minute consult, which flew by quickly. She was able to tune into 3 felines almost immediately, (one who crossed over ) and freed me to begin truly healing from a traumatic incident from a year ago.

H.E., Canada

"Karen and I worked on pain in my neck, my lower back, arthritis in my hands, and COPD. Just 3 sessions gave me relief from the pain and the most noticeable changes for me are that at the end of the sessions I felt less pain but that I also felt overall happier, more optimistic and a feeling of "Everything is going to work out for me!" 

Connie, USA

"I had my consultation with Karen which went extremely well and then I booked an hour session to continue our progress. I was so impressed with Karen on my first call that I knew she could help me."

Bill, USA

"I want to thank you for the awesome experience I had working with you. While I knew I was out of whack and something was wrong, I truly did not know where to go next. If anybody out there is skeptical about working with you they shouldn't be. You are kind, gentle and loving, and I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Janet H, USA

Brandy's Story
Brandy has taught me many things since then. One is how to heal despite a prognosis. I am very grateful for allopathic medicine helping her to survive. I am equally grateful to all that came after and all that did not fit into conventional thinking that helped her thrive. I am also indebted to her to have set me on that path I now embrace. She taught me to not give up, to look farther than limited thinking, to become who I am today.Animal Communication.

A whole lot more can be written about our life together. Once again this Pistol Packing Mama is encouraging me to write her story. Brandy is also handing the reins, on this ride, over to Annie for us to grow beyond what we have known before. Butternut is very much in the picture also. She has her own very special place teaching me to see beyond my expectations of what I had wanted her to be.Animal Communication.
More to come . . .

animal communication

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