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Services for Animals
    Lost Animal Cases (Advance payment) 

The Emotion Code

Subtle and insidious energies become trapped in our animals throughout their lives. The Emotion Code assists your animal to release emotions that are the cause of many behavioral issues.  A peaceful life and  better health are possible for your animal with the release of trapped emotions.

Telepathic Communication

Communication between two minds, separated over a distance, without the use of the five known senses is known as telepathy.

In a conversation with your animal I am able to bridge that gap, receive, and interpret their vibrational resonance. 

With this form of communication the vibration of the vocal chords, the primary means of communication man is accustom too, is not necessary. 

Receiving information through my other senses I am able to communicate with your animal and then interpret what they convey and share it with you.

Lost Animals

If you have ever had an animal that went missing,even for a few minutes, you have experienced the many emotions that take over. Finding lost animals is wrought with fear, anxiety, panic and lack of control. Many felt by both depending on the situation. 

If The Unthinkable Happens Remember •
  • Admit you are frightened too.
  •  If you use a communicator, be realistic about all the changing variables that are part of finding your animal. 
  •  Keep your heart open. • Imagine a pathway from your heart to theirs that they can follow home if they are able.
There are many constantly changing variables in lost animal situations. Be aware what may be true in one moment may be very different in another. 
Services for Animals

Energy Healing

Energy Healing Works Directly With The Life Force of a being. Whether human or animal.

Everything is a vibrational resonance, also known as energy,  

Allopathic methods focus on the physical body without recognition of the deeper underlying energy involved. 

Traditional medicine holds deep value as does energetic multi-dimensional forms of healing.

Energy healing works directly with the unseen, yet very important, resonances that directly affect an individual's health and mental well being.

An Animal,s energy is not altered by me during a session. I hold the space for the animal to energetically engage with me and offer it possible choices that the animal's own inner brilliance embraces and consequently integrates. 

The animal ALWAYS is the one choosing. I do nothing to them I do it with them. 
The final weeks and days of your animal's life are a difficult time for both of you. Communicating with your animal at this time gives you both the opportunity to not only prepare for their death as best as you are able, it also gives you the opportunity to know what your animal wants to share with you during this difficult time.

It is a very difficult time. It is also an honor and a gift we are given when we take them into our lives through domestication to be there with them as their time here on earth is waning.


Once your animal has died communication does not cease. The form it takes changes. The physical body is no longer part of the communication. 

I am able to connect and interpret what they want to share with you after they are no longer with you. How long they have been gone is not a factor. they are still a spiritual soul with a means to communicate.

Crossing Over

All Services Require Payment in Advance of Your Session

Energy Healing
Finding Clarity
Self Empowerment

Services for Animals
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