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What you will find here is an eclectic mix of topics on animal, humans, and life. 

Each is meant to expose you to a new perspective from which you can choose to build an expanded understanding of the rapidly changing world around you.

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Meet Sun Spirit

It has taken me 2 yrs to comes to terms that I was the only one standing in my way to ride once again. Brandy's and my meanderings had become an occasional 15 minute bareback ride on our 40 acres. After 23 years of traveling literally thousands of miles, Brandy deserved retirement. 

Body Awareness

Are you comfortable with 
How You Look 
The Aging Process 
The State of Your Health

Do you appreciate what your body does for you?

You needn’t wait until a physical challenge occurs to become aware of the relationship you have with your physical body. The communication that exists between you and your body plays an integral part in your health. 

Your attitude about your health holds key information.

The Power of Making New Conscious Choices

You were conditioned by sources outside of you to remain in the perspective that you are at the mercy of the world around you.

You were taught that someone other than you should decide about your life. Health care, big business, government, to name a few, all reinforce that you are not the one making decisions about your body, what you put into it and how you should live.

You were trained through repeated exposure to view any answers to questions to be outside of you, in someone or something else. 

It was all done slowly, over time. 

Replacing synergy in your body and life, with scrambling to keep up with what someone else thinks is good for you from self-serving purposes. 

Peace-The Inner Pulse

The fading hope and promises of a changing world that December 2012 brought, seems as time passes, to have been replaced by the malady of disillusionment. What happened to the peace we long for? What happened to the promises of the 5th dimension? Why do so many still feel stuck in what they don’t want? […]

 Ex-Research Dog, Understanding Eddie

Ex research dog Eddie, came from Kindness Ranch an american sanctuary for animals previously used for lab testing. Ellie and Jeremy Hansen of Lovable Pets in Billings Montana are fostering him as he transition to his life in a home.

Ellie and Jeremy wanted to give Eddie the best they could offer. Ellie contacted me and asked if I would answers a few questions she had about Eddie, the ex-research dog. What follows is that interview.

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