Body Awareness

Body Awareness
Are you comfortable with 
How You Look 
The Aging Process 
The State of Your Health

 Do you appreciate what your body does for you?

You needn’t wait until a physical challenge occurs to become aware of the relationship you have with your physical body. The communication that exists between you and your body plays an integral part in your health. 

Your attitude about your health holds key information.

Self-Image and the Role It Plays In Your Relationship With Your Physical Body?

Society, marketing, and fashion contribute to the development of our self-image. If we let it.

Renaissance woman were voluptuous. Victorian woman were characterized by small waistlines. The roaring 20’s woman hid there curves.

In the 30’s and 40’s it was fashionable to be conscious of exercise and what you ate. The 50’s supported every woman having an hourglass shape.

Each century has set a standard for individuals to strive for in their self-image. Leaving out a connection to individual needs and body types. 

How an individual felt about themselves was sculpted by the era in which they lived. Even today fashion tells both men and woman what is the “perfect” body. 

Leaving those who do not fit the criteria seeing there bodies as “less than perfect.”

Exercising and eating a healthy diet are important. 

Of equal importance is how you are in relation to your body. What your attitude about your health is. How you feel about you.

A Missing Piece

The missing piece in your relationship with body awareness has been a healthy emotional connection. One that supports you in mind, emotion, body, and spirit.

Building a strong relationship between the above nurtures internal health, created by you.

You are the one in control of how your view yourself. How you relate to YOUR body. 

What is acceptable or fashionable, and the bill of goods that it infers, steers you from a holistic approach. 

It is NEVER TO LATE to be the one in control of your choices to build an integrated relationship within yourself in your body.

Your emotional body will always tell you if something you are doing is nurturing and supportive. It will also tell you when it is causing you to feel “bad” about yourself.

Begin today noticing your choices in thought, word, and deed. Do they nurture you or do they control you. For one day keep track of whether what you do is controlled by society or by you.

Does it feel nurturing to you as a whole.

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