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A Pioneering Blend of Healing, Communication and Spiritual Growth For You and Your Animals...

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Is Your Life or the Life of Your Animal Not what You Would Like It To Be?

Let me help you find out why with a private session and/or blog posts designed to help you navigate the changing world around you and uncover what is keeping both you and your animals from breaking through to the life you both desire.

Healing sessions also available for you and your animals.
Unraveling the Ties that Bind leads you into a masterful look at your inner world and what is keeping you from finding your inner joy, happiness and bliss. It is the brave soul who is willing to look within and discover the thoughts, feelings and belief systems that have them bound, keeping them from moving forward in life.
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Pioneering in the 5th Dimension
Balance, Harmony Communication
and Healing
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"The Way Nature Wanted Water to Be... My body loves it!"
-Karen Nowak
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