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Karen Nowak is a certified Emotion Code Practitioner that works with both humans and animals. Either separately or together.

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Why I became an Emotion Code Practitioner.

I was struggling with feelings that seemed to be trapped inside of me that were influencing how lived. As many things happen in my life I was guided to a friend who offered me a session on something she had just learned, the Emotion Code. During our session on the phone we accessed emotions that were hidden inside me from previous events in my life that had never had the opportunity to be released.

it was after that one session I decided to become a certified Emotion code practitioner. The effects were subtle during the session as I became more and more relaxed. It wasn't until some time after our session that I realized I no longer felt the emotions from the events they where felt were influencing me.

I also had begun using it with my own animals and saw how easily they let go of things that had been troubling them. I knew it would be a valuable modality to offer all my clients, both human and animal. 

Hence I added Emotion Code Practitioner to what I services I offer in my practice. This led to my becoming a Body Code Practitioner as well.
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