Ex-Research Dog

Ex-Research Dog, Understanding Eddie

Ex research dog Eddie, came from Kindness Ranch an american sanctuary for animals previously used for lab testing. Ellie and Jeremy Hansen of Lovable Pets in Billings Montana are fostering him as he transition to his life in a home.

Ellie and Jeremy wanted to give Eddie the best they could offer. Ellie contacted me and asked if I would answers a few questions she had about Eddie, the ex-research dog. What follows is that interview.

(From Lovable Pets FB page)

Today we have a very special guest on our page, Karen Nowak. Karen She is an animal communicator and energy healer. She recently connected with our foster and ex-research dog Eddie, and answered some questions his foster Mom had about his healing journey. Her message may apply to animals from many rescue situations!


Eddie’s rehabilitation includes not just focusing on his “physical” being. Holistically speaking, healing also includes mind, spirit and emotions. Why is this holistic approach so important when working with a rescue dog like Eddie?


It’s integral for any animal or human to encompass the whole being in the healing. Joy and love play an integral part in anyone’s overall health.

As with any animal I am respectful and gently began to feel if he even wanted to share anything with me.

In the type of work I do I am able to feel what the animal is feeling. If the animal is ready I convey the resonance of a question to the animal. (Animals convey and receive information through the vibrations they sense and emit.) Eddie was willing to communicate.

The conversation was carried out over several days by letting Eddie decide the pace.

Shortly after connecting to Eddie I sensed that he once knew humans in a different capacity.

In other words he’d had a home when he was very young. 

Before his life as a lab/food-testing dog. Eddie had a deeply hidden memory that had been covered over by the life he had been living.

Addressing the totality of Eddie by connecting to his physical, mental, and emotional levels gave me a greater understanding of how he processed information. And how it affected his body and his behavior.

Having been used for dog food testing, the resonance his physical body was presenting was that it had been challenged and stressed. From there it cascaded throughout his mental, emotional body impeding his ability to process as well.

When the physical body is polluted/toxic, it cascades to affecting his mental processing as well.

Mental and emotional stimulation had been minimal for Eddie for a great deal of his life.

Each level of Eddie benefits tremendously, when he is viewed and treated as a whole being, not a victim. Seeing Eddie as whole and capable supports him and does not limit him as seeing the situation he was in as who he is.

It only confuses an animal when they are no longer in a situation that is considered abusive to continually see and refer to them as abused. They cannot distinguish that something is over, if you don’t.

 Treating the entire being requires that the human no longer focus on what the animal is no longer immersed in. But feel and believe in their wholeness and ability to connect to and live their full potential.

Eddie has a foundation upon which to build on from distant past experience.

Ellie is supporting him to grow in understanding of the world he now lives in.

Her approach in working with an ex-research dog is important because she is not confusing the past experiences with who Eddie he is today.

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