Spiritual Growth Facilitation

Spiritual Growth Assistance is defined as facilitation of growth in a clients capacity to identify, connect with, and call upon the source of meaning, purpose, comfort, strength, and hope in his/her life. 

During your tailored sessions we expanding your understanding of and relationship with Spirit, your life and the world around you. While simultaneously creating a more extensive perspective relating to your spirit and soul which cascades throughout your life.
3 Session Package - $300

Paid in full and in advance of sessions.
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Stress Reduction

Assistance in identifying stress stimulators and the emotions involved. While you change your relationship with what has caused the pressure disrupting your life.

Healing occurs on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels of the body, whether human or animal. Balance within, and flow between, each level of self, creates the foundation for maximum wellness and thus reduction of stress throughout your life.
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A multidimensional body scan

Sessions are approximately 30 minutes long
1 Session: $65
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Emotion Code Sessions 

In Dr Bradley Nelson, creator of The Emotion Code words: "The Emotion Code has been created to give you new insight, to show you how trapped emotions can cause all kinds of problems, and give you the means to release them. You can take your life back, enjoy better health, and finally be free from the insidious and subtle forces that trapped emotions are exerting upon you." 
30 Minute /session $55
55 minute session $110
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The Body Code

In the words of Dr Bradley Nelson the founder of the system. 

The power of The Body Code System lies in its simplicity. It lets you tap into the limitless resources and wisdom of the Subconscious Mind to answer any health question or concern you may have. The Body Code

Your sub-conscious mind knows how to heal your body. The Body Code helps you navigate your way to a healthier you on all levels.

30 Minute /session $55
55 minute session $110
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Private sessions in SRH™.
  • You set the goals for what you want to accomplish.
  • The Founder facilitates and guides you through the most appropriate and powerful techniques for your transformational experience.
  • Higher guidance is present and fully participating at all times.
  • Your personal journey is private and confidentiality is always honored.
Single sessions are approximtely 55 minutes long.
3 Sessions: $290 (save $40 = 12%)
2 Sessions: $198 (save $22 = 10%)
1 Session : $110
Double Sessions are approximately 1 hour 55 minutes long.
3 Sessions: $528 (save $72 = 12%)
2 Sessions: $360 (save $40 = 10%)
1 Session : $200
Payment must be completed in advance of all sessions.

A $65 non-refundable fee is applied
when a session is missed without 24 hour advanced notice.

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