Meet Sun Spirit.

Meet Sun Spirit

Brandy, my 27 year old Morgan mare, and I have traveled many miles over the past 23 years. 

Our rides have dwindled to an occasional 15 minute bareback ride on our 40 acres. With a few tears involved (on my part), Brandy deserved retirement. 

Coming to the realization that our adventurous life was now one of comfortable companionship and small bareback meanderings didn't come easy, for me.

Brandy's companion for many years had been an Appaloosa mare named Chris. 

Chris, my first horse, was an exceptionally kind soul who gifted me my passion. My love of horses and riding. That was 28 years ago.

At 61 years old should I, could I, do what I love with out Brandy. Writing these words brings deep emotion up from within me. I didn't want to. And yet, I longed to ride as we once did, again.

It has taken me 2 yrs to comes to terms that I was the only one standing in my way to riding once again. 

Every "ya but" you can imagine consumed my thoughts. My age, finances, Brandy, the state of the world. On and on went the litany of fear. How can I handle 3 horses.

Butternut, my other horse and 15 year old Haflinger mare, had decided a long time ago being ridden was overrated. 

As a member of our herd she had a say too, in the expanding of our family. My husband and I had made her a promise, she would remain with us if that was what she wanted. Butternut wasn't just with us because she could be my riding horse.

I askedSpiritfor help in sorting out my disparate emotions

The difference this time was I surrendered to where this would lead me. 

It doesn't escape me the irony that Sun Spirit then appeared in my life.

After meeting countless horses since January and encountering many roadblocks I met Sun Spirit. It truly was love at first site. 

Sun Spirit's life as a member of our family will begin in early July. Her halter is hanging on the fence awaiting her arrival.

Coming soon: more on the expansion of our family.

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