My Personal El Camino

My Personal El Camino
 byKaren Nowak

Several nights in a row I dreamt of traveling. Only to find my excitement of the travel replaced by an inability to find what I needed to get started.

The Emotional Abyss

My internal journey began long before these past few dream filled nights. I may not have gone off to El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, but I have been on a personal pilgrimage just the same.

The Epiphany

Then the revelation came as I explored the unchallenged thinking by the dominant paradigm. The unchallenged concepts or thought patterns, including theories, postulates, and standards accepted as true by the majority of mankind. 

Only the Divine is perfect 
I was created in the image and likeness of the Divine
I am a flawed human

I was taught: God is all powerful. Yet I was to fear dark forces.

None of what I was taught made sense, under the light of observation. 

Is it any wonder trust isn’t able to exist in this thinking!

The option of choice of what I believe, do, and subsequently live directly affects my ability to trust myself. Which directly effects my trusting Source.

The Balance Shift

We place our lives in the power we give power too. The refusal to pull the plug on the life line to negativity, fear, hopelessness, justification, judgment, and more can not change the balance of what is being lived. 

Hope for the best, but expect the worst, a silent message in the background. 

I could continue to live divided by two different sets of criteria, or, I could commit to what I danced around believing. I chose to commit.

Insight into the reality of living two disparate beliefs showed me I could continue to live what I was living by living both realities power. Or, I could choose to stay with one. 

I could continue to live the existence that I purported I didn’t want by the words I used that I only backed up when it was easy. Then blaming sources and influences outside of me when that was easier. 

Or. I could commit, no matter what, to living what I also believed to be true that I was responsible for where my thoughts, deeds, and words resided. And, that I create with all three.

Letting go of the belief that something outside of me has all the power isn’t easy. 

Everyday I gain footing in living what I believe to be true. My thoughts, words, unquestioned beliefs, and actions that once responded in negativity and fear no longer automatically do.If I find myself gravitating and temporarily going there, I now choose not to stay. Consequently my visits are shorter. 

I guard what I feed my self mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. My physical body is the vessel that carries my mental, emotional, and spiritual self. What I feed it matters and directly correlates to nurturing the entire package. 

Staying present takes discipline. Reaching for old habits based in fear, negativity, and hopelessness is easy. The more I choose positive, healthy thoughts, words, and actions, in difficult situations, the easier it gets.

The Tipping Point of Mass Consciousness

There is a tipping point in changing mass consciousness, as their is a tipping point in changing you. the critical mass of thinking shifts,  the 100th Monkey Effect, one conscious thought at at time. When it tips in you.  

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