New Choices

The Power of Making New Conscious Choices

You were conditioned by sources outside of you to remain in the perspective that you are at the mercy of the world around you.

You were taught that someone other than you should decide about your life. Health care, big business, government, to name a few, all reinforce that you are not the one making decisions about your body, what you put into it and how you should live.

You were trained through repeated exposure to view any answers to questions to be outside of you, in someone or something else. 
It was all done slowly, over time. 

Replacing synergy in your body and life, with scrambling to keep up with what someone else thinks is good for you from self-serving purposes. 

A perfect recipe for giving away your power. And the ability to make decisions from what you feel.

You were also taught how to feel. Or not feel.


Pavlov’s training with dogs is a well know example of how repeated stimuli creates an automatic response. 

The populous of any era in social evolution is conditioned to respond in a way they are taught to respond. An example being: everything the government does has you at the heart of its decision making and policy setting. 

A by-product of believing this to be 100% true is the demise of the individual right to choose.

In preceding generations as urbanization replaced it’s predecessor, rural life and the memory of our connection to survival and the immutable laws of nature, faded. 

In frustration we rail against nature and all she challenges us with. 

Due to our now entrenched feelings of helplessness we arrive at the belief, we are powerless to change how things are.

The Power of One

We were led to believe we cannot change the world, we are only one person. Yet proof of an individuals decision is evident in the power of the consumer. 

 In America 45% of the population seeks out and consumes organic foods according to the latest Gallup Poll. Supporting the Changing Structure of Global Food Consumption and Trade. 

One simple choice in what you purchase and consume affects international trade patterns, transportation technology, and animal welfare laws and much more.

If you feel you have no impact on changing the world, you are wrong. If you need to see change outside of you out in the world, make new conscious choices.

The personal by-product being you treat your own body, the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual with dignity and respect. 

In doing so you begin the flow of awareness that eradicates the belief you are stuck.

The power of making new CONSCIOUS choices shifts your world and the world at large. You are part of a greater picture. Embrace it. 

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