Peace - The Inner Pulse

Peace - The Inner Pulse

The fading hope and promises of a changing world that December 2012 brought, seems as time passes, to have been replaced by the malady of disillusionment. What happened to the peace we long for?

What happened to the promises of the 5th dimension? Why do so many still feel stuck in what they don’t want?

Were the promises of a new earth, a new way to exist, hollow?

Is it fear of letting go of one shore to arrive at another that keeps you from residing in creations of your own choosing?

Are you still believing that something outside of you needs to change without you participating to change it?

Does your emotional connection to life stem from your past? Is your perspective outdated?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself and then answer honestly.

After you have then ask yourself this final question: Do I still believe the world happens to me? Do I still give away my ability to reside in the new energies by continuing to believe something outside of me will change before I do?

The New World

The new earth and the new world exists. And, is available to you. But, are you ready to make the commitment to the long haul and not remain focused on a quick fix.

Are you ready to take what is offered to you in the 5th dimensional energies? Inner peace.

Are you an active participant of what comes next for you, or, the passive receiver of what you believe the world comes up with. The second is just as much your creation as the first.

If you are saying “I have tried everything and nothing works.” Replace what you are reinforcing to form. “The next step I take leads me to the next, and the next, and the next. . .” (Feel the difference in the flow of your words. Which feels peace filled?)

Jump in and begin to use language that supports what you do want, look for even the tiniest flicker of change and build on it. If you find yourself uttering statements of despair, cancel them QUICKLY, and start again.

Your cannot get where you want to be if you don’t let go of where you are. Consistently replace the language and thoughts that reinforce your “stuck” state of being, with flowing energy. Don’t get stuck in your “stuck.”

The Grandeur of the New Earth

The world outside of you cannot change, until you begin to heal the world within. 

Love, harmony, and trust cannot exist in your world, until, you find it within yourself. And you find it when you become aware there is more to life than the world outside of you.

Nothing changes in your world, if you do nothing. Nothing changes if you focus on lack, or what you don’t want in thought, language and deed.

You cannot have outer harmony, without inner peace. You cannot have inner peace if you don’t take time to create it. You can’t create it by clinging to the past or controlling the present.

Trust in change emerges, by staying present and continuing your journey without hampering the flow by complaining about what hasn’t changed. Or by saying I don’t know how.

If you don’t keep trying after all that may not have worked you can never arrive at what does.

One step,one small step starts the journey. Stop focusing on a big leap.

“Recognize the smallest change, the slightest try.” Ray Hunt

Ray Hunt, was referring to working with horses but it is just as important to acknowledge the smallest change in your perspective and the slightest try by you.

An Exercise In Change

Sense the pulse of chaos in your thoughts, beliefs, and language. Then, commit to skipping a beat, finding yourself slipping into the pulse of inner peace.

Feel the rhythm of your heartbeat and stick with it until you feel yourself quiet to the stillness that is present in all things.

It takes, repetition. Lots of it. No matter what you try, if you dismiss it as too easy or this can’t be it and turn back to your old self-defeating ways you get more of the same. What you say your stuck in.

The metamorphosis to a new life is just beginning. It is an evolutionary process of self-discovery.

Stop turning back. You won’t find what you are looking for there. If you are having trouble, find someone who can help and ask for it.

Look for the Divine Essence, the pulse of inner peace in self, and you will begin to see it in your life and in others.

Notice, the smallest change and the slightest try. . . begins the change you seek.
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