Miss Luther is my 20 year old tortoiseshell, calico, female, feline companion. After being shuffled through three short lived homes, she entered her forever home with me 9 years ago. As beautiful as she is on the outside, she is even more beautiful on the inside. I could go on forever about our learning to know each other, the trials, tribulations, misunderstandings and the things we taught each other, (with periodic clarifications from Karen) but there is one particular incident that we want to share.
About 2 years ago I woke up to the sound of Luther racing around the house frantically. As I sat up in bed I saw her on the floor in the hallway and realized she was having a seizure. Just then she came out of it. I could see the fear and confusion in her eyes. The seizure was over but she had no idea what had just happened to her. For awhile we just sat together stabilizing ourselves, then I called Karen. 

Because of all the work we had done together Luther trusted Karen. We were in Connecticut, Karen in Montana, with just the phone connecting us. Over the next 45 minutes or so I listened while they communicated. I watched Luther’s fears relax, as Karen explained what had just happened, and walked Luther through a rebalancing. At that point I hung up and they continued to work together. Soon Luther’s body relaxed and she looked at me with clear understanding eyes. I knew, with Karen’s help, she now could process the experience and go on. Soon she was her same wonderful, irritating self!

How might that experience have altered her life, her ever resilient personality, if she hadn’t had Karen to help her work through her fears and help her regain her pre seizure confidence? Without access to Karen’s help Luther would have been alone with her fears.

Karen’s practice of honoring, in equality, the spirit within each of us brings love, help and healing to all of us she touches. Thank you Karen.

Namaste - Toni & Luther

Dennis and Lenny
Dennis Dougherty DVM, a respected Veterinarian on Long Island ,has been using Karen's services for many years.

I have known Karen Nowak for many years and she always amazes me with her extraordinary gift. Her ability to communicate with animals and spirits is extremely helpful and accurate.

I am confident in her expertise, her wisdom, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to communicate with their pets. I have consulted with Karen many times with my personal animals as well as others who have come through my practice.

I value her as a trusted friend, and it is always a pleasure conversing with her. I am also a Reiki Master having studied under Karen. I find what I have learned is very helpful in my veterinary practice as well as my personal life.


Dennis Dougherty, DVM
Bayport Village Animal Health Center
Bayport, New York

Joan and Travis
Joan rediscovered the energy connection between horse and rider that she had known years ago with a beloved mare.

I've been re-invented as a horsewoman a few times: Starting as a toddler member of the universal order of females who know they will NEVER outgrow the passion for horses they were born with, I've posed as a Serious Dressage Student, weekend long-distance competitor, cowgirl roper, and post menopausal now-and-Zen trail rider.
All the hats, seats and breeds have fit moderately well, but the most enduring and authentic times I've had were fifteen years and several moves ago when I rode my mare bareback and bridle-less at dusk around my fields and woods with complete confidence and congruence. I'm not a horse guru and I didn't whisper to my mare. But, naively, I developed a connection with her over time that was as deep and intimate, and now missed, as the one that must have existed with my mother before my umbilical cord broke.

It seems important to mention what happened with my now-dead mare because neither before nor after my twilight rides with her has anything like the merged body/mind connection we shared occurred. And I've tried to go there again with lots of other horses, my own or others, winning some silver and blues, accomplishing games or gaits that satisfied but didn't have a pulse.

Until Karen Nowak recently guided me through a mounted meditation on Poet, her husband's warmblood I often ride, I hadn't sensed the depth of seeking and finding I once felt. It doesn't matter my own belief system or how just-a-bit dubious I felt insighting on someone else's horse, because I can say that to travel humbly through your own and a horses energy system while you are astride is an unconditional act of love. I recommend the journey to anyone at any level of equestrian pursuit as a way to help clarify a riding relationship and find ones ground from a horses back. While you hold the reins, let Karen offer you her good hands

Joan Muller, Woodstock Ct

Boomer", a draft horse, overcame deeply stored fears and was able to build a relationship with his person, Reva.

It came after two years in a worsening relationship with him. He finally refused to move at all for me. If a 1700 lb horse doesn't want to move, there is very little you can do!

Using a stick or a whip on him just made it worse; he would go further inside himself and resentment would build up. It was clear that I would have to sell him because I was incapable of working with him. Strangers and non-horse people would walk in the barn and comment on his attitude -- he would glare at them.

Karen worked on him three times in as many days. After the third session the rage and dead look were gone. Everyone felt the amazing change in his attitude.

Then Karen worked on me. What became clear was that Boomer was terrified rather than obstinate. He was resentful of trying his best and then always being asked for more, way beyond his comfort level. So he would retreat inside. I didn't see the fear only the resentment. After the miracle of his shift to becoming open we are both doing the hard work with Karen's guidance of learning to work with our fears and build a relationship.

Reva Seybolt, Woodstock, CT.
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