NewHello, My name is Bill.

I have been working with Karen the past 2-3 months for various illnesses ranging from Pseudonymous, COPD and other lung related issues.

I have been to many different Infectious Disease, and Pulmonary doctors as well as my General Practitioner trying to resolve this and other issues. I’ve have many X-ray’s, CT Scans, blood tests, cultures and other various test for over the past six month with no resolution. I have been out of work for this entire time and in turn lost my job, after 46 years of service.

I started a new IV drug that the doctor was sure would clear the bacterial infection in two weeks, it turned into an eight-week nightmare. During this time, I was referred to Karen by a dear friend that Karen helped, she thought maybe she could help me also.

I had my consultation with Karen which went extremely well and then I booked an hour session to continue our progress. I was so impressed with Karen on my first call that I knew she could help me. She is so thoughtful, caring and very insightful. She took many notes and was going to investigate the many things I was dealing with and how she could help.

The treatments stared with our very next call. She saw many things that were blocking my healing stemming from many years of stress, pain, anger, fear, hurt, terror and other things that were stored in the back of my mind. One-by-one, she identified blockages and problems and proceeded to successfully clear them. Her excellent ability to explain what was going on and what to expect minimized any nervousness I might have felt. She was attentive and continually checked with me to see how I was doing during our sessions. She tackled each issue, one-by-one and cleared them out of my body and mind and refreshed my meridians.
Amazingly after the first session, I slept the entire night and every night since, without tossing and turning. I’ve had no bad dreams or other distractions to keep me from an amazing night’s sleep.

From the second session on, we worked on many things to improve communication between my brain and my body. We also worked on communication between my organs. During this session, she really nailed my personality, I am someone who always gives, at my expense in many ways. She made me realize that it was okay to take care of myself and put myself first. Her insights helped me realize that it is okay to ask for help.

She also helped me to understand what was blocking my healing and improve my understanding of why and how this is related to all my organs.

We had another three calls and are planning one more for a refresher and get updated.

Currently, I am cleared of the dreaded pseudonymous and continue to make progress with my COPD and other issues.

I can’t say enough good things about Karen, her skills and insights. I am grateful for the healing she has brought to me.

Thank You 
Janet H

Hi, Karen,

I want to thank you for the awesome experience I had working with you. While I knew I was out of whack and something was wrong, I truly did not know where to go next. Spirit works in mysterious ways sending us what we need when we need it and boy, did I need your help. I am grateful Spirit gave us the opportunity to work together. If anybody out there is skeptical about working with you they shouldn't be. You are kind, gentle and loving, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Peace be with you,
Janet H
I had 3 sessions with Karen and can tell that my body has made some changes. We worked on pain in my neck, my lower back, arthritis in my hands, and COPD. Just 3 sessions gave me relief from the pain and the most noticeable changes for me are that at the end of the sessions I felt less pain but that I also felt overall happier, more optimistic and a feeling of "Everything is going to work out for me!" 
I truly can recommend Karen for any work removing trapped emotions and if you just want to feel better overall, let her help you!
Thanks again, Karen, for all your great work!
Connie K 
Connie K
H. Mtl.
I highly recommend Karen!!! Where to start? I first contacted her to clear up a mystery with my feline companions which was causing great distress. I already had 2 sessions with other Animal Communicators with very unsatisfactory results. What started as a free 15-minute trial, turned into a 90 minute consult, which flew by quickly. She was able to tune into 3 felines almost immediately, (one who crossed over ) and freed me to begin truly healing from a traumatic incident from a year ago. She is also a gifted healer, after only 2 sessions of Body-Code the aches and pains in my joints which started 2 years ago cleared up completely. And the intense hot flashes with heart-palpitations have greatly diminished in intensity and frequency. Karen is extremely grounded and ethical, and has training in anatomy and physiology, which is very rare with energy- healers. She is a true Seer, and I could feel waves of energy passing over me as she worked her magic. After trying endless modalities over the years to relieve physical symptoms with no results, I am thrilled to have found both relief and many insights with Karen’s support. H. Mtl.
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